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Brake Bleeders

DIY: Eezibleed brake bleeding system

The Eezibleed brake bleeding system provides perfect brake bleeding for DIY applications in just a few moments, in three simple steps.

  • Connect to the master cylinder reservoir in place of the usual cap. A good seal ensures reservoir level remains constant throughout.
  • Pressurise from a car tyre (e.g. spare tyre). This cuts out the pedal pumping and makes sure the fluid goes only one way through the system.
  • Open each bleed valve in sequence, like turning on a tap. No air retained or sucked back.

That's it! Perfect bleeding in just a few moments!

DIY: Brake Bleeder Syringe

Bleed your brakes like a doctor! The bleeder syringe allows you to easily bleed air out of your braking system without wasting any braking fluid. It may also be used as an alternative bleeding method when pressure bleeding is not possible. Simply mount the master cylinder in a vise, attach the syringe to a brake port, extract brake fluid, purge air from the syringe, and re-inject the brake fluid back into the reservoir.


Pro: Laser Tools 5642 Manual brake bleeder with universal adaptor

The Laser Tools 5642 manual brake bleeder system comes with a 3 litre fluid tank, a manual pump complete with pressure gauge (0-30psi), a 1 metre long brake fluid tube, a universal adatpro with chain link connection, and a connector adaptor for most European vehicles.

Laser 5642 manual brake bleeder

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